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Gravity Falls Design Contest at!

Hello! is hosting an official Gravity Falls Design Contest; you could win up to $2,000, have your designs judged by the creators of the show, and have it made into official GF merchandise! Here’s some more information:


Welcome to Gravity Falls, where everything’s a little bit weird and wonderful… and WeLoveFine is completely delighted to bring this highly acclaimed Disney Channel hit to our site, kicking off with our very first Gravity Falls design contest! Fans of all ages are wild about this funny, irreverent and adventure-packed series and we just bet there are some amazing fan artists out there with some pretty awesome ideas. Have you got a super-cool t-shirt design featuring Dipper, Mabel, “Grunkle” Stan and all the wild and wacky happenings around the Mystery Shack? We can’t wait to see where your imaginations take you with this truly imaginative show as inspiration. Start sketchin’ and help us solve the mystery of who will win some amazing prizes; for the grand prize, you could win up to $2,000 AND an original drawing signed by Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch! Also, have your design made into official Gravity Falls merchandise available at! Good luck!


Gravity Falls creator and executive producer Alex Hirsch, and creative director Michael Rianda!

CLICK HERE for more information and the link to submit your designs. Entires are accepted through January 31st. Good luck!

What happened? this is my absolute fav gravity falls Blog!! Are you really busy or something?

I have no idea where to download episodes to make gifs anymore! 

And I’m juggling college as well!

I promise to update soon, I’m happy to here we’re your favorite.

I think Wendy might be a closet hipster

The Time Traveler’s Pig was the best episode of an animated television show I’ve ever seen.

The amount of mind blow is unparalleled.